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Anna Maria Finnelli

Anna Maria Finnelli

International Permanent Make-Up Artist & Trainer

Anna  gives expert presentation and live demo of Diamant Blading Technique 

Anna Maria Finelli was born in the ethernal city that is Rome, Italy. She has been a certified professional permanent make up consultant and make up artist for over 20 years as well as a teacher in micropigmentation since 1995. She was in fact only 24 when she became a renowned make up artist and this career allowed her to develop in the future some major techniques such as the ‘Red on White’ applied on lips, the ‘Real Brows’, the ‘Camo-Remover’ and one of the latest ones called Hybrid Lips’. Her passion and drive lead her to use different tools too ending up to a real ‘Diamond Blade’ that has now made her renowned in Italy as ‘the woman who gives beauty as a gift for life’.

The relative master classes are focused on a very professional and highly skilled training, very rich and intense addressed to the most passionate and skilled professionals.

Her Academy in Rome represents the top tip of a diamond in this field and welcome every year hundreds of attendees from all over the world.

Passion is her key word and embraces the elegance of all her PMU Art.

Vicky Martin

Vicky Martin

Medical tattooing artist-trainer

Vicky  gives expert presentation and live demo of her own Areola Pigmentation Technique - Vicky Martin Method VMM

I have 16 years experience in micro pigmentation and body tattooing. I started permanent make up and tattooing in 2000. In 2006 I travelled to the USA and learned medical tattooing I then took every course I could in London, America and Europe.
In 2010 I was a micro pigmentation trainer for a London company and in 2012 I started my own training school with my sister.
I’m always learning and taking classes, learning new styles every year.
With my 3D Areola (VICKY MARTIN METHOD VMM™) I mixed the world wide techniques I have picked up with my tattooing background and have created my own method. I have tried many different styles on my own body as well as creating my super realistic breast mould to practice on.
I am very passionate about my medical work and believe cancer survivors deserve the best medical tattooing to finish the end of their long, tough journey.

“What you do today can improve
All your tomorrows”

Aleksandra Górecka

Aleksandra Górecka

Chairman of the “ELITE” - World Permanent Makeup

Aleksandra  gives expert presentation and live demo of her own Full Lips Techniques - Shadelicious Supreme

Aleksandra Górecka - the chairman of the “ELITE” - World Permanent Makeup
Association and the owner of the International Institute of Permanent Makeup and the European Training Academy in Koszalin, Poland. The World’s Best Lips PMU Artist 2016 by the prestigious PhiBrows Branko Ba bic Academy. The creator of modern 3D permanent makeup techniques Shadelicious and Shadelicious Supreme.
Master trainer of permanent makeup advanced techniques in theory and practice, Aleksandra gained her expert knowledge at the best training centers, congresses, and medical conventions in Poland (Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw) and all over the world, including Milan, Brussels, Amsterdam, Oslo, Munich, Rome and others.
She successfully conducts seminars for both beginners and advanced PMU artists and trainers. Her innovative, authorial training programs are based on improved practical part, colorimetry practice, the theory of colour as well as teaching client service.


David Zhang

David Zhang

Founder David Brow Art in 1992

David gives expert presentation and live demo of his own Microblading Technique

Mr David is the Principle of the academy, he is a Grandmaster at the highest level and also the creator and founder of 3-Dimensional and 6-Dimensional eyebrow, painless techniques for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoo. He solely innovated a 3D technical pen to create a new technique by designing eyebrow with eyebrow line drawing and with his unique way of interacting with customers to attain customer loyalty.6-Dimensional micro-blading eyebrow technique has been recognized as the world best technique worldwide to date. David has also been invited as the honorary Judge for multiple years in the competitions. – The World of Microblading and Conference / Championship / Training, Amsterdam, Holland. World Eyebrow Festival, Rotterdam, Holland.

Mr David passion for eyebrow micro-blading has earned him much respect from the industry and with overs 20years of experience he has elevated himself as a Grandmaster in this industry. His unique taste and creativity is something which differentiate him from peers. He gave his life to the love of the art to create 3-Dimension techniques, painless eyebrow micro-blading, eyeliner and lip tattoo; 3-D Technical Eyebrow pen, makeup techniques. Through the 3-D technical Eyebrow pen techniques, he found a breakthrough out of the single dimension eyebrow design into the multi-dimensional eyebrow design. The creation of 3D and “David Technique” has created and marked an epoch in his generation. Another trademark creation from David is “David Stroke” and “PPL Stroke”, a technique that has brought the world of eyebrow micro-blading to greater heights, set greater standards and brought the art to a greater level.

Mr David core of approach toward people and teaching is “Sincerity”. With 24 years of teaching experience, he have simplify the complex art of eyebrow micro-blading and compose a song to further simplify the art to pass on to his students. Therefore, he believes that once you have learnt the song that he composed one will be able to understand and teach and pass on the techniques.

His students comes from all different walks of life and from different countries, England, Germany, Italy, Poland , Lituania, Holland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco (Franch Zone), America, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippine and China.

Under his belt, David has trained multiple champion artist, Karen Betts from England and Gitana from Lituania is a fine example. They trained under David Brow Art International Academy and were very hardworking students. This year Karen Betts and Gitana has been invited to the China World of Eyebrow Micro-blading 2016 competition as judge and an exchange program to share and advise fellow artist on the trends and new innovation in styles.

David Brow Art International Academy has again trained another student to become the champion in micro-blading. 10th January 2016, THE WORLD OF MICROBLADING CONFERENCE/ CHAMPIONSHIP/ TRAINING in Holland, Amsterdam, the winner has been awarded to Lynsey Ta from United States. We are proud to share that Lynsey Ta is a VIP student at David Brow Art International Academy.

At the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival in April 21st – 23rd 2016, Rotterdam, Holland, 2 of our outstanding students, have won the 1st and 2nd place in this exclusive competition.

His outstanding achievement has put Mr David in a perfect position as an undisputed industry leader. Master David have been invited from his clients from all over the world just for his 3-Dimensional eyebrow design and have made hundreds of thousands solely through this service. Due to this huge success, many MNC across the world have invited and appointed him at their Chief Technique Consultant.

Master David always has a heart for the people around him, he is always constantly teaching and sharing his experiences and technical knowledge. Due to his creative techniques and his artistic taste, David has attracted many Royal families from Asia and Europe, High net worth business owners and famous celebrities to appoint him as their family eyebrow artist.

Master David has also created internationally recognized, David Master Colour. Under the belt of this brand, there’s Nano colour, world first finest ark shape bendable needles, long lasting painless numbing cream, stablising lotion, line drawing eyebrow pencil; Imperial machine series of product. These are products manufactured for the highest standard to share with the world, regardless in the East or the West. These products are also greatly recognized by fellow Master Artist around the world.

Under the brand of David Hair Growth Care, is created by world class hair expert and led by none other than David himself. He combined the latest technology from the West with the traditional formula from the East in order to create this unique receipt. This product can be applied directly on the skin, it can be also consumed to improve individual body system, most importantly this amazing product have been very well received by his large network of customers, hence with this product, David has completed his mission to provide a complete solution to hair problems.

To World-renown Micro-blading Artist, Master David, “passion” is eyebrow micro-blading, “sincerity” is his approach toward people. Through his artwork, he shares his exquisite taste and style. Most importantly he pledge to embed theses values into in way of life. Master Artist David has attained perfection at the highest level in eyebrow micro-blading and he himself is the perfect dream for inspired artists.

Ella Sakalauskienė

Ella Sakalauskienė

International Master Educator

Ella  gives expert presentation and live demo of using PhiRemoval

I have graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania, with the degree of a glass artist. I always was struck with the wonder of a potential a decorative makeup demonstrates. When I learned about a permanent makeup for the first time, I straightaway understood that I have found my true vocation. I graduated from the Die Zwei Permanent Profis Beauty Institute 20 years ago, so, my work experience as a PMU master is counted from this moment. I always was receptive to everything that is new and was able to select right offers in the market. I think that my clients deserve the highest quality. That is why I every year attend a large number of conferences and trainings. I noticed that some masters gradually become lazy and do not tend to improve their professional skills. This is not my way. For long years of being occupied in the beauty industry sector, I managed to graduate from two medical schools and acquire the following degrees: a beauty therapist and a general practice nurse. Now I am Lithuanian and European PMU associations International Master Educator

The removal sector provides a wide scope of challenges. Every year I discover something new. I am excited that I am able “to manage” hopeless cases and give to my clients a chance to be happy with their beauty and aesthetics. I am glad that I can apply my many year‘s experience and knowledge, especially when I share it with my students. I want my students to find the shortest way to their success.

What is PhiRemoval?

It is a measure to remove unwanted PMU and tattoo . This is the "eraser"which removes our and other masters mistakes.This is the unique method to remove unwanted "accessories" on the face and body.

  • Does not cuase nexrosis;
  • Tissue heals quickly;
  • The product is transparent, therefore, the removed pigment and its quantity is well visible;
  • Excellent selection by colour;
  • It “cleans” the lips like no other product before;
  • Leaves no long-lived post procedural events (redness) or atrophic structure.
  • We use the same methods as for permanent make-up or tattoos;
  • The extraction liquid is mixed with the pigments of the permanent make-up (tattoo) and captures


How does Phiremoval works?

Permanent inks (tattoos), mixed with the extraction liquid, turn into a thicker substance which is easily pushed up by the skin together with the captured pigments of permanent make-up’s (tattoos).

Joris Stevens

Joris Stevens

R&D Director and International Master Educator Nouveau Contour

Joris  gives expert presentation  of  Needles and Techniques

Joris Stevens started with permanent make-up 13 years ago. Since then has trained many professionals in Belgium and the Netherlands. For five years he has been a trainer in the Middle East, mainly Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.  Through his experience and interaction with trainers from different countries and his work as a demonstrator on international beauty shows and seminars, Joris is an international expert in the field of micropigmentation. Since 2013, Joris is involved as International Master Educator at Nouveau Contour. As per the beginning of 2016, Joris is entitled as Research & Development director within the company. He is in charge of the development of new techniques, trainings and products for Nouveau Contour worldwide.

Nada El-Hoss

Nada El-Hoss

International Permanent Make-Up Artist & Trainer

Nada  gives expert presentation and live demo of her own Eyeliner Technique - Microliner Eyes 

Nada's first permanent makeup experience goes back to 2002 where she was trained in Beirut, Lebanon.

It has started as a hobby and then became her passion, today she carries more than 25 international certificates in her portfolio, most of them From Europe and USA.

Nada started her business With LiPigments in 2008 with distribution for one country, and today she contributes in the creation of different colours and structures for Li,

and she is the Exclusive Master Distributor in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Her academy is based now in Brussels - Belgium, teaching students from all around the world in 3 different languages: French, English and Arabic.
She does hosting of Master Classes for international trainers.

Nada El-Hoss is specialized in :
- Lips and in particular Ethnic Lips which is a new undisclosed technique to lighten dark lips.
- Knowledge about pigments and this is why LiPigments chose her to represent them in Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa.
- Camouflaging of the skin on burned patients.

- Micro-Liner Technique, which is a  very soft and effective eyeliner manual pigmentation, with less swelling & pain.

- Micro-Lips Technique, which is a lip shading effect using the manual tool.

- Microblading & Shading of the Eyebrows.

- Non-laser tattoo removal technique with the Microblading tool or the digital PMU Machine.

Mahmoud El-Hoss

Mahmoud El-Hoss

Owner Pamco 23 Sprl.Owner Permanent Make Up Clinic Academy by Nada El-Hoss

Mahmoud will give us an expert presentation on the History, Expertise and Future of LiPigments. 

Owner Pamco 23 Sprl.Owner Permanent Make Up Clinic Academy by Nada El-Hoss

President of LiPigments Belgium

President of LiPigments Middle East

President of LiPigments Asia

President of LiPigments North Africa.

Mahmoud,  completely and full endowed for business management and also a natural born leader, 

is one of two Official  LiPigments Master Distributors Worldwide with over than 70 countries in his part.

He touches the highest level of skilful leadership and networking, proving in the same time being a 

visionary and having a deep understanding of multicultural businesses. 

Diana Gulan

Diana Gulan

Owner Diana Gulan Permanent Make Up Academy

Diana  gives expert presentation and live demo of Lips Natural Color Correction Technique 

"Diana Gulan, with more than 18 years as esthetician and 16 years of experience in Permanent Make-Up, owner of the Diana Gulan Permanent Make Up Academy and co-founder of Diana Gulan Academy UK, she acts as Nouveau Contour International Senior Trainer Permanent Make Up and Microblading.

Since 2004 she started up her own School Fancy Cosmetics, and the Permanent Make-Up Academy Nouveau Contour since 2013.

Diana has been awarded in Romania, as Esthetician of the Year 2011 - Nouvelles Esthetiques and in 2016 awarded as ” PMU Artist making Pioneer's Work in Romania” , ” First Romanian PMU Artist developing Innovative Techinques applied abroad” , ” The best PMU Academy”

Diana developed her own micropigmentation technique : Harmony of the Lips – a balance between volume, shape and color, Complete Lips, Complete Eyebrows , both a combination between machine and manual technique, and Natural Lips Color Highlighting

Harmony of the Lips has been presented in PMU World Conference in Amsterdam, in All About Lips – Conference in Bologna as well as many Master Classes in Romania and abroad.

Attending to many Beauty TV Shows invited by ProTV. Prima TV, Antena 1, and TVR, Diana is appreciated as being and authority in Beauty Industry and in Permanent Make-Up Industry in Romania."

Regular Publicist for Journal of Esthetic Magazine and Make-Up Magazine. Diana works also as a permanent Consultant for Gral Medical clinics and hospitals chains in collaboration with plastic surgeons and dermatologists concerning medical micropigmentation.

Rita Pelloni

Rita Pelloni

International Permanent Make Up Trainer Nouveau Contour

Ritta  gives expert presentation and live demo of her own Full Lips Technique  - iLips 

Rita started her experience in the permanent make-up world in a small academy in the city of Bologna where she had the opportunity to learn from great make-up artists.Not long ago, she decided to change her professional career as a professional nurse in order to dive deep into the permanent make-up industry. Over the years, she has had many eyebrows, lips and eyeliner clients and she has worked as a permanent make-up trainer as well in two important Italian Academies.

Today she owns a unique lips technique called iLips. This innovative technique gives lips colour and light creating an exceptional illuminated and volume effect.

Rusen Donmez

Rusen Donmez

International Permanent Make-Up Artist & Trainer

Rusen  gives expert presentation and live demo of " Artistic Ombre Eyebrows" Technique

Award winning make-up artist. Permanent Make-Up Artist and International Trainer. Attended numerous conferences and masterclasses. His signature 'Artistic Ombré Eyebrows' are known all over the world. Founder of Studio Rusen Donmez and Rusen Donmez Academy. His philosophy is to keep it natural and do the best you can to empathise each individual face features.


  • Calea Dorobantilor 5-7, 010551

  • May 27 - 28, 2017
    09:00 AM

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8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


Welcome coffe

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Opening Ceremony

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Diana Gulan – ” nat_SpotLight” Technique – Live Demonstration

11:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Coffe Break

11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Anna Maria Finelli - „Diamant Blading” Technique - Live Demonstration

12:45 PM - 13:15 PM

Mahmod El-Hoss, History, Expertise and Future of Li Pigments - Presentation

13:15 PM - 14:00 PM


14:00 PM - 15:30 PM

Rita Pelloni - ”iLips” Technique - Live Demonstration

15:30 PM - 18:00 PM

Vicky Martin - ”VMM” Vicky Martin Method for Areola Pigmentation - Live Demonstration

20:30 PM Sheraton Hotel Restaurant

Gala Dinner

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Morning Coffee

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Nada El-Hoss – ” Micro – Liner Technique” - Eyes Manual Pigmentation - Live Demonstration

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Joris Stevens – Needles & Techniques - Presentation

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Coffe Break

12:00 PM - 14:00 PM

Rusen Donmez - ” Artistic Ombre Eyebrows” - Live Demonstration

14:00 PM - 14:45 PM


14:45 PM - 16:30 PM

– Ella Sakaluskiene - ” Phi Removal Technique”- Live Demonstration

16:30 PM - 19:00 PM

Aleksandra Gorecka – ”Shadelicious Supreme” Technique - Live Demonstration

19:00 PM - 19:15 PM

Coffe Break

19:15 PM - 21:15 PM

David Zhang – „David Browart Microblading” - Live Demonstration

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Coffee breaks & Lunch


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